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College Success Award winner: North Star Academy Washington Park High School

Kết quả hàng tuần đặc biệtWatch how this 2019 CSA-winning high school in Newark, NJ innovates for the good of the students and encourages kids to work hard to achieve their dreams.

Here's how to use GreatSchools' search tool

Kết quả hàng tuần đặc biệtIt's now easier than ever for parents to search and compare schools at a school, district and city level in each state using our new search tool. School profiles now include important information in addition to test scores. Here's how to use the GreatSchools search tool.

Understanding GreatSchools Ratings

Our school profiles now include important information in addition to test scores. Here's a look at what goes into your school's GreatSchools Summary Rating.

Emilia’s story

Kết quả hàng tuần đặc biệtGreatSchools’ weekly grade-based newsletters empower parents to support their child’s academic and social-emotional learning. One reader shares the role the newsletters have played in her life.

College Success Award winner: Marshall High School

In this small, tight-knit Ozarks community, school leaders do whatever it takes to help kids get to college. Last year, they raised $1.8M in scholarships and financial aid for seniors.

College Success Award winner: Arabia Mountain High School

Kết quả hàng tuần đặc biệtExcellence is the rule at this Title I school, where high expectations and environmental education prepare students for college and for life.

College Success Award: Denver School of Science and Technology Stapleton

Kết quả hàng tuần đặc biệtHigh expectations, intensive college counseling, and teachers who go the extra mile make college success possible for all students — even if it takes extra time.

College Success Award winner: Young Women's Preparatory Academy

Intensive advanced classes starting in the sixth grade plus robust leadership experiences make this Miami-based magnet a shining example of a college-for-all culture.

Kids fight. Hurt feelings linger. What's a parent to do?

Kết quả hàng tuần đặc biệtTeach forgiveness. (It really works!)

One thing happy kids have in common

Kết quả hàng tuần đặc biệtGrateful kids are happier kids. And encouraging this attitude in your child is as easy as pie.

Fueling your little curiosity machine

Here's how nurturing your child's curiosity helps them become a better learner.

Kids with character: Grit

Kết quả hàng tuần đặc biệt“Grit is having the courage to do your impossible or to do what you think is hard and to do it anyway,” says Nasina, who has incredible grit. Her story will awe and inspire you.